Wi-Link strives to deliver the best service, at the most competitive rates, within the best response time possible. In order to maintain the highest level of expertise we deliver these services directly to our clients without limitation.

  • Integrated IT solutions
  • Support and Maintenance
  • IT Contracts
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • solutions
    Network Solutions
  • Project Management and Execution
  • responsive-web-design
    Web Design
  • web hosting
    Mail and Web Hosting
  • it-solutions
    Best Practice & IT Governance


What do we strive to deliver to our clients?

In today’s business environment it’s all about service and that is what Wi-Link aims to deliver; the Best Service at Leading Market Prices. Providing IT maintenance and support to your business, Wi-Link strives to maintain minimal downtime within a client’s IT infrastructure, improving productivity and streamlining the IT integration of our clients’ infrastructure. We go all out to provide the highest quality Technical Expertise, as well as the newest technology, to our clients. We also endeavour to be pro-active in maintaining our clients Infrastructure and systems, to constantly implement Best Practice within your IT Environment. This secures minimal downtime as well as regular processes and maintenance.

By creating and envisioning these values for our clients we strive to prove the Ethos of Wi-Link “Service First”. Service to Wi-Link is not just a word but a way of business.