As a Pensioner, born pre 1950, computers and I do not always agree. So it is not surprising a time came when my computer decided enough is enough and that I couldn’t carry on with this abuse and it virtually stopped working.

I was unsuccessful in finding someone in my area that could sort my computer problems out, as well as the fact that I spent a considerable sum of money on these “technicians”, this was all to no avail. The problems, especially the viruses, worsened.

Whilst visiting my daughter, she answered my desperate call for help by contacting Robert and asked him to assist. Another “technician” I thought!

I will not embarrass myself further by even attempting to explain the problems that Robert encountered in the computer, suffice to say, he fixed it beautifully.

And apart from clearing viruses, putting back-ups in place, reconfiguring etc. He took the time and effort to explain, to me, in layman’s terms how to effectively operate and look after the computer, the do’s and the don’ts of Internet accessing and a whole lot more.

It has been some nine months since Robert serviced the computer and to date I have not had a single problem. I especially appreciated the extra mile that Robert went in spending time explaining the in’s and out’s to me, in order for me to have a better understanding of my Computer.

I will certainly recommend Robert as a very competent and able Computer Technician and more importantly he has a very pleasant, understanding and patient attitude and was a pleasure to do business with.

Thank you Robert and all the best in your future ventures.

Tony Both


As with all computers it always develops a problem when you least expect it or can afford it. Via a reference I was directed to Wi-Link. Taking into consideration that it was during holidays and after hours I decided to give it a go and was exceptionally surprised by the service I received. Robert was extremely friendly, efficient and helpful and he managed to sort out my problems within a matter of minutes. The best part of it all was that he could do it remotely without me having to get in my car and drive to a store for support. I could carry on and finish the work I was busy with which to me was the best. Thank you Wi-Link for your excellent and affordable service.